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A robot preview tool allows you to see a site in exactly the way that a search engine would. It takes away elements that the crawlers cannot read and leaves you with only a bare version which is generally comprised of mostly text and html elements. Knowing what the spiders see is perhaps one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization, so checking the robot preview of a site before and after it goes live is absolutely vital.

Robot Preview Tool for SEO

The crawlers that search engines use to index the web are a dizzying exercise in computing and complexity. They are some of the most advanced semantic analyzers out there and they excel in finding the connections between various phrases and sites. This is what makes the results effective. Nevertheless, there exist some elements in web design that the robots either cannot read or find it hard to read. If a site consists of a lot of flash or java elements, then it can lead to it being indexed incorrectly, or not at all. This unpleasant eventuality can be avoided easily if you take advantage of the services that a robot preview tool offers.

Robot Preview Tool Possible Solutions

The main thing that anyone engaged in search engine optimization should remember is that the crawlers understand text better than anything else. Even if your site contains a lot of flash and other elements that the robots have trouble parsing, you should include a plain text description of what the element contains so that it can be understood. Even elements such as photographs are difficult to understand for bots, so including some text in the description is also a good idea. The computers are smart, but their methods of perception still differ from those of a human. As such, it’s necessary to use a good robot preview tool to check your site before you tell the robots what’s there.