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Robots.txt Generator

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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

Free Robots.txt Generator

The robots.txt generator allows you to easily generate a file that tells the crawlers from various search engines how you would like them to index your site. This can be very important for any site, but is vital for one that has just been opened because it gives the search engines their first impression of your content and information. But there are more utilities than just that for the robots.txt builder.

Robots.txt building for Page Indexing

One of the most important aspect of the file is that you can set the robots not to index a certain page or to give it lower priority. That’s important because not all the parts of your site are of equal importance - you wouldn’t want the search engines to spend a lot of time on one unimportant page while ignoring your landing page. That would be horrible for internet marketing. So it’s vital that you indicate what the priority of various pages is in your robots.txt file. When generating a robots.txt file, many people forget or think that the engines parse all the pages equally.

Robots.txt builder for Site Security

Unfortunately, there are some malevolent robots out there that seek to steal content or damage your site. One of the most common question is, can a well-written robots.txt file stop them? The answer to that is mixed not all of them obey this file, and you can only block them if you know the name that robot uses to crawl your pages. Alternately, you can add an IP address to the robots.txt file which makes it unavailable to that IP. But one of the biggest problems with these is that the robot is either specifically programmed to ignore them, or that the file itself was written incorrectly, and that is where the robots.txt generator comes in. It can give some security against inexpertly written spambots, and as such it quite a useful SEO tool.

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