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Free Tool: Web Page Size Checker

The webpage size checker is a utlity that can tell you in just a short time exactly how big your site is. This can be important not only from the perspective of visitor satisfaction, but also from that of search engine optimization. Being able to check your website size has never been easier with this free seo tool.

Check Website Size for Robots

The crawlers on various search engine give each site a particular allowance of data that they can crawl. Obviously on pages like huge e-commerce sites this is large, and on newly–formed sites it is comparatively small. New sites usually are only several pages, so this is fair. However, if you’ve created a fairly large new site, then you need to make sure that the amount of data that it contains does not go over the crawl allowance. If it does, then you need to use a different seo tool to make sure that only the correct pages are indexed and that each one has the correct priority setting.

Checking Site Size for Visitors

Sometimes a site can run slowly because of a large amount of data on its pages. Visitors absolutely hate slow websites, and checking the site size can give you an idea if there’s a lot of unnecessary data loading on every page. Removing this eccess can make your visitors much happier. People have even been known to navigate away from sites because of fairly small lags, so ensuring that your website runs quickly is one of the finishing touches to search engine optimization. Basically, if your visitors are happy it means that the search engines which led them there have done their job well, and you may be rewarded in the SERPs by having a site without excess clutter that performs efficiently.