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Testing website speed is one of the major factors in ensuring that your website will appeal to search engines. From the very beginning, speed has been one of the keys to providing customer satisfaction on the internet. If a website loads slowly or fails to work, your customer base is going to be dissatisfied, and if the people who come to your site immediately click away because of a long loading time, your results will suffer in the SERPs. That’s why it’s necessary to check your website speed often, since you might not realize if something starts to lag.

Test Website Speed  Why It’s Important

The obsession with speed at major search engines (Google being, perhaps, the most extreme) has already become legendary. There’s a good reason for this. If a person has to wait for results, no matter what the results may be, they will often get distracted and go on to something else. This is a byproduct of the technology age, and it has influenced our ways of interacting with the internet on a very deep level. Nobody likes to wait, so if you test your website speed you can ensure that your visitors are getting what they need.

SEO and Speed

Search engine optimization is, first and foremost, providing a product or site that your customers are actually interested in and that satisfies their original query. You can’t really satisfy anyone if they are constantly forced to wait for a site to load or for some glitch program to start working. Many people, even if they use on the best seo tools, often focus too much on the back end, on what Google can see, and they forget that their first obligation is to the site visitors themselves. So, testing site speed is a vital factor and one that influences future rankings.

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