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Free XML Sitemap Generator

A sitemap generator creates an xml file that gives the search engine a general scheme of what is on your site and roughly what priority each page has. You can think of it as a way of saying that certain urls on your site are important, while others are secondary and do not require such a large amount of attention. It also includes necessary information about each url including how often it is expected to change as well as when it was updated for the last time. This sitemap generator tool allows you to create this protocol for a site up to a couple of hundred pages, which can save you a lot of time.

Sitemap Generator and Intelligent Search

The sitemap.xml protocol works together with the robots.txt file to make the process of indexing a site easier. If the search engines didn't know when to come back to a page to crawl new content, then a lot of information would lie dormant without being indexed and the engines themselves would lose a lot of utility due to not having the latest data. By generating a good sitemap file, you are actually helping the engines do their job better regarding your site.

Generating Sitemaps and Crawl Allowance

Search engines value their computing power. After all, they need to index the whole Internet, which is a rapidly changing entity that always gives them plenty of surprises. Thus, they may not crawl a site in its entirety. If you generate an xml sitemap that gives them a good idea of the priority of your pages, you can ensure that you won't use up all of this allowance on unimportant or secondary pages while leaving your landing pages unindexed. This is one of the most effective seo tools to use if you want to work closer with Google.

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