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Backlinks Importance: edu and .gov

Google and the other major search engines trust websites with URLs ending in .edu and .gov. They are given high ranking and importance because they have real content and are updated frequently. Since they rank higher than other sites, they are likely to have a higher amount of traffic. This increases the number of visitors the website receives and also makes it more popular. When this happens, .edu and .gov websites are usually placed the highest in the search engine ranks. Getting backlinks to these sites is important when you want to raise your rank in the search engines. If you have backlinks from major .edu or .gov websites, you are likely to get more traffic which will result in a higher rank. TEST The .edu and .gov websites normally have only informative factual information and are based on one particular topic. For example, .edu websites focus mainly on educational related topics; while .gov websites are normally run by the government and offer government related information. These websites therefore, are proven to give the visitor relevant and truthful information; and because of this, they deserve the top rankings in search engines. Websites in other languages are also a great place to get backlinks from. There are less websites with; for example endings, so it will have less outbound links; this will make it so that there are less websites fighting over the backlinks and visitors to those websites will see your link more easily. You will normally get full authority from those types of websites. Make sure you choose websites in this type that also rank high in the search engines. Backlinks can also be obtained from blog commenting; less outbound links will assure a good reputation and popularity. If you put your link into a blog post, people may see it and click on it. You want to make sure that your blog posts are professional and give good information, this will make the person viewing your post want to visit your site more. If you are posting negative information, rude comments or even non-factual information it will make you look bad and no one will want to visit your link. What you need to rank better in the search engines is backlinks. Backlinks should come from websites that have a higher ranking than your website. This is why someone would normally choose to get a backlink or backlinks from an .edu or .gov website.