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Broken Link Checker Tool is the right tool which looks the link issues in a website / webpages and validates object references in a webpages. With the help of this you can frequently check the broken links on your webpages in order to have a good ranking on search engines. Through our Broken Link Checker Tool, you can check the detailed Broken Links report as how many No. of Links, No of Broken Links, No of OK Links, and No of Redirecting Links are in your website. So just write the domain name to check the broken links status.

There are the various features of Broken Link Checker Tool provides the recursive and multithreaded checking, output in normal text, HTML, SQL, different formats restriction of link checking with regular expression filters for URLs, proxy support, Cookie support, Antivirus check and etc. You easily can check the broken links of any websites. This tool checks the normal links and the images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, etc. You can get the report at any time of your websit

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