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Search Engine Optimization has, for a long time, been very concerned with the concept of backlinks. These are also known as incoming links, and they mean that another site has added a link to your content. Why is this so important? Well, from the very beginning, Google has considered backlinks to be an important indicator of a site’s general popularity. If more people provide them to a particular site, then it shows that people consider it to be useful and want to share whatever information the site may offer. It’s a little bit like online voting if you have a thousand people saying your content is good (providing backlinks) then it’s a good sign that your site is doing something right.

Backlinks and How to Count Them

It can be a dizzying experience to try and find every single backlink that a page has accrued. No one (other than search engine, of course!) can trawl through the whole internet and find every link, looking at every blog, facebook page, or comment. Luckily, there are some free backlink checker tools that you can use to check your number of incoming links.

Backlinks and Quality

As we said earlier here, incoming links can be understood as a form of online voting. But, just as it is with real life, not everybody’s opinion is equal. If, for example, you have an obviously spammy site giving you links, then these will count for less than if you have a government or education site giving them to you. There are more free seo tools that can give you an analysis of .gov and .edu backlinks, but if you just want a general idea of how your link-building strategies are working, then you should use a backlink checker tool to see the whole picture a little more clearly.